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Universel College

Address and website for International students

Universel College

101 Rue Saint-Jean-Bosco Street, Suite 2322-A,
Gatineau , Quebec, Canada , J8Y 3G5

Universel College

Universel College is Publicy funded Private Subsidized Institution located in the city of Gatineau , Quebec. We are located 5 Kms from Downtown Ottawa . We offer 3 Pre-University Programs and 1 Technical Program to International Students currently. Our Campus is located in the Lucien -Brault Pavilion of the University of Queebc ( UQO) which provides excess to various University facilities . Our 3 Pre-University Programs prepare students to continue their Bachelors at Various Universities in 3 Years . International Students after completing their programs from our college are eligible for Post-Graduation Work permit as stated in Immigration Canada website.

Programs available Sept 2019/ Jan 2020 intake

  • Diploma in Natural Science - Health Science Profile ( DEC)
  • Diploma in Natural Science - Engineering and >Pure Applied Science (DEC)
  • Diploma in Social Science - Without Mathematics (DEC)
  • Technical Diploma in Social Work

Scholarships for International Students

No Scholarship to International students.

Special Offer

There is no application fees for Pre-Admission letters.

Last date of applications for Sept 2019 / Jan 2020 intake

  • September 2019 Intake - 21st June 2019
  • January 2020 Intake - October 18 , 2019
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