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lakehead University

Address and website for International students

Lakehead University

955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay,
Ontario, Canada P7B 5E1, Deepa Dodani, Admissions Advisor

Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a comprehensive Canadian university with undergraduate & graduate programs in 10 faculties of study: Engineering, Business Administration, Health & Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities, Science & Environmental Studies, Natural Resources Management, Education, Medicine, Law & Graduate Studies. Almost 9,000 students study at two campuses: Orillia & Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada; including over 1200 international students from 63 countries around the world. Since 2015 now, Re$earch Infosource ranked Lakehead first among Canada's undergraduate universities; & Maclean's University Rankings lists Lakehead University in the top 10 of Canada's primarily undergraduate universities.

Programs available for Jan 2019/ Sept 2020 intake

Undergraduate Programs
Our most popular undergraduate programs include the following. For a complete list of undergraduate programs, visit our Undergraduate Programs website.

  • Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Software)
  • Honours of Bachelor of Science - Computer Science and many other programs
  • Honours of Bachelor of Commerce & Business Administration

Graduate Programs For program descriptions, visit our Graduate Programs website. For program start terms, please visit our Start Terms website.

Special Offers

Application fee waiver available only for Undergraduate applicants met with during the Canam fairs face to face with 85% above in 10th boards. Also, these applications need to be submitted with in a weeks' time of meeting the applicant face to face else the student would need to pay the application fee.

Last date of applications

Undergraduate deadline

For all Undergraduate Programs*

*Excludes: Two-Year Bachelor of Education, One-Year Honours Bachelor of Social Work, Year Three of the Honours Bachelor of Social Work, Nursing, Visual Arts, and Music

March 1, 2019 (for International Applicants) STILL OPEN !

Deadline to Apply for Two-Year Bachelor of Education Program (Thunder Bay & Orillia): December 1, 2018 STILL OPEN !

Deadline to Apply for One-Year Honours Bachelor of Social Work & Year 3 of Social Work: January 2, 2019 CLOSED

Deadline to Apply for Nursing (Compressed and Collaborative): February 1, 2019 STILL OPEN !

Deadline to Apply for Visual Arts & Music: March 1, 2019 STILL OPEN !


For All Graduate Programs – 

We recommend that interested applicants submit a complete application package by the dates listed below: 

-  For a Fall start term :  February 1

-  For a Winter start term: September 30

-  For a Spring start term: January 15


We will accept applications beyond these dates on a program-by-program basis depending on spots available.  

Scholarships for International Students

Non-Canadian citizens who are entering Lakehead University from a high school, or who are transferring from an international college or university will be considered for the Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships. The scholarship is available to the top international students applying to Lakehead University for 2019. For details, please visit:

Academic Average Scholarship Total  Scholarship Available
(Canadian Equivalent) (Value Per Year) 4  
90.0%+ $30,000 ($7,500 x years)1 Limited
80.0% - 89.9% $20,000 ($5,000 x years)2 Limited
75.0% - 79.9% $4,000 ($4,000 in Year 1 Only)3 Limited


Renewable provided a 90% average is achieved in each academic year. If a student's university academic average falls between 80.0%-89.9%, the student will receive an amended scholarship valued at $5,000 CAD/year for each subsequent academic year for the remaining term of the scholarship.

Renewable providing an 80% average is achieved in each academic year.

Non-renewable, one-time only scholarship awarded in Year 1.

Maximum length of scholarship term is 4 academic years or until the first degree is awarded, whichever occurs first. Recipients whose status changes and may be charged domestic fees will have their scholarship value reassessed to equate to the domestic entrance scholarship grid and regulations available at that time.

Bursaries: Bursaries are normally awarded via an application and demonstrating financial need:
  • Alumni Association of Lakehead University International Student Bursary
  • LUSU Bursary for an International Student

Graduate Assistanships (see below)
Graduate Assistant appointments may be offered to some full time graduate students (including Visa students). These positions vary between programs but can provide teaching opportunities for student workers. The Graduate Assistant appointments are offered at a rate of $10,071.77 CAD (2018-19 rates) at the Master's level; and $10,983.53 CAD (2018-19 rates) at the Doctoral level. A regular appointment constitutes a maximum of 270 hrs of work over the Fall and Winter terms averaging not more than 10 hrs of work per week.

Faculty Research Awards for Graduate Students
Some graduate students may also receive a Faculty Research Award. This stipend may be paid to a full–time degree candidate for research or academic activities relevant and related to the student's field(s) of study within the academic program. Faculty Research Awards are awarded by the student's supervisor.


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