George Brown College

Preparing you for employment success
I came to Canada leaving behind the corporate world to pursue my dreams and it was indeed a big milestone to achieve. Strategic Relationship Marketing is the most intense and practical program for marketers interested in data analytics, market research and consumer insights. The on-campus and off-campus opportunities are amazing at George Brown and gave me a chance to develop industry relationships. I ended up doing a co-op in the Marketing department at the College and the experience has been incredible. It has definitely opened many doors to pursue a full-tie job later in the field of marketing. My potential has been well recognised here and I am proud to have chosen George Brown College as a stepping stone to my success.

Study in Downtown Toronto

  • Established in 1967; publicly-funded institution
  • State-of-the-art campuses in downtown Toronto
  • Over 29,000 students (full-time enrolment); including over 5,400 international
  • Over 160 programs - including degrees, diplomas, and postgraduate programs
  • Work experience opportunities through field education and post-graduation employment




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