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George Brown College

Preparing you for employment success
I came to Canada leaving behind the corporate world to pursue my dreams and it was indeed a big milestone to achieve. Strategic Relationship Marketing is the most intense and practical program for marketers interested in data analytics, market research and consumer insights. The on-campus and off-campus opportunities are amazing at George Brown and gave me a chance to develop industry relationships. I ended up doing a co-op in the Marketing department at the College and the experience has been incredible. It has definitely opened many doors to pursue a full time job later here in the field of marketing. My potential has been well recognized here and I am proud to have chosen George Brown College as a stepping stone to my success.

Study in Downtown Toronto

  • Established in 1967; publicly-funded institution
  • State-of-the-art campuses in downtown Toronto
  • Over 29,900 students (full-time enrolment); including over 4,300 international
  • Over 150 programs – including degrees, diplomas, and postgraduate programs
  • Work experience opportunities through field education and post-graduation employment




Application Fee Waiver

(Conditions apply: fee waiver applicable only to new students applying to the January 2018 and May 2018 intakes. Applicant must submit complete application to George Brown College by October 7, 2017)


See georgebrown.ca/international/futuresstudents/scholarships


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