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MacEwan University

Address and website for International students

Wilfrid Laurier International College

1 Market St, Brantford,
ON N3T 6C8

Wilfrid Laurier International College

Located in Brantford, Southern Ontario. Wilfrid Laurier International College’s programs and approach to teaching offer international students the opportunity to be fully prepared for university studies and have a smooth transition to Wilfrid Laurier University.

Programs available

Programs Offered at Wilfrid Laurier International College are: -

UTP Stage II – Arts (BA) – With Majors in –

  • Archaeology and Heritage Studies (Honours BA)
  • Communication Studies (Honours BA)
  • Communication Studies in combination with another Honours BA program
  • Cultural Studies in Combination with another Honours BA Program
  • English (Honours BA)
  • Environmental Studies (Honours BA)
  • Film Studies (Honours BA)
  • Geography (Honours BA)
  • Global Studies (Honours BA)
  • History (Honours BA)
  • Languages (Honours BA)
  • Philosophy (Honours BA)
  • Political Science (Honours BA)
  • Sociology (Honours BA)

UTP Stage II – Business & Economics – With Majors in –

  • Business Technology Management
  • Economics (Honours BA)
  • Economics and Accounting (Honours BA)
  • Economics and Financial Management (Honours BA)

UTP Stage II – Human & Social Sciences – With Majors in –

  • Community Health
  • Health Administration
  • Criminology
  • Psychology

UTP Stage II – Liberal Arts – With Majors in –

UTP Stage II – Science – With Majors in –

  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Financial Mathematics
Special offers

No application fee, can discuss on issuing offer within 24 hours for road show

Scholarship for International Students

Yes, we have 2 entrance scholarships that are available for January 2022, May 2022 and Sept 2022 intakes. Scholarships range from $2000 (early bird) -$5000 (ambassador).

Last date of applications

No, as long as students can make it for their first day of classes.