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Lambton College

Address and website for International students

Lambton College

1457 London Road, Sarnia, Ontario

Northern College at Pures, Pures College of Technology

As a public not-for-profit institution, Lambton College has been supporting Canadian and international students for over 50 years. With affordable two-year programs, co-op and internship work integration, world class labs and facilities, and PGWP eligibility, it’s easy to see why thousands of international students choose Lambton College every year! Study in Sarnia, Toronto, or Mississauga Ontario Canada.

Programs available for upcoming intakes

Lambton in Sarnia

BCAS     Biomaterials and Chemical Laboratory Analysis

BMAN   Business Management 

BMIB     Business Management - International Business 


Lambton in Toronto

AHCT     Advanced Health Care Leadership

AIMT     Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning         

BMAT    Business Management 

BMHT    Business Management - Human Resources          

BSNT     Business             

CPCT      Computer Programmer

CPMT    Construction Project Management         

DOCT     DevOps for Cloud Computing     

FPWT    Financial Planning and Wealth Management      

FSDT      Full Stack Software Development            

FSIT        Financial Services - Investigation and Compliance             

FSQT      Food Safety and Quality Assurance Management             

LAQT     Chemical Laboratory Analysis    

MMDT  Marketing Management Digital Media   

MMPT  Marketing Management & Professional Sales     

OHST     Occupational Health and Safety Management   

PMIT     Advanced Project Management - Information Technology

PMLT     Advanced Project Management and Strategic Leadership

QEMT    Quality Engineering Management

SCMT    Supply Chain Management


Lambton in Mississauga

BAMM  Business Analytics

BINM    International Business  

BMIM   Business Management - International Business

CPCM    Computer Programmer

CSFM    Cyber Security and Computer Forensics

DSMM  Big Data Analytics           

FSDM    Full Stack Software Development            

HRMM  Hotel and Resort Management 

PMLM   Advanced Project Management and Strategic Leadership              

SCMM  Supply Chain Management         

TMAM  Tourism - Operations Management        

TREM    Recreation Therapy        

TRPM    Therapeutic Recreation

WNEM  Wireless Networking

Special offers

Application fee waiver(as always!).

Scholarship for International students

No scholarships are available for the May 2022 intake

Last date for upcoming intakes

Our January 2022 intake is already full. All seats for the May 2022 intake will likely be full by the end of September. Anyone attending the fair that is interested in Lambton for May 2022 should apply quickly!