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NorQuest College

10215 108 Street NW,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5J 1L6

NorQuest College

Located in Edmonton, Canada, NorQuest College is Alberta's largest community college, serving more than 19,000 students annually. As a regional steward, NorQuest College provides access to adult education in Edmonton and 26 surrounding communities, including eight First Nations communities. NorQuest offers foundational programming (academic upgrading, adult literacy, apprenticeship trades preparation program, employment readiness, and English as a Second Language (ESL)) as well as post-secondary diploma and certificate programs in health care, community studies, technology, environment and business.
By collaborating with industry, government and community, NorQuest ensures its post-secondary education is necessary and workforce relevant. Currently, 57% of NorQuest students are born outside of Canada, representing 119 countries, and more than 115 languages. Over 62% of NorQuest's learners are female, over 700 self-identified as Indigenous, 60% of students are age 25 and over, and 625 of its students are self-identified as having disabilities. Research shows that NorQuest College graduates add, on average, $471.4 million of total income to Edmonton's regional economy (annually). NorQuest College prides itself on collaborating with business and industry partners, government, and communities, and our workforce-relevant programs add social value to the students, businesses and communities we serve. NorQuest has held, completed and continues to hold many federal, municipal, and provincial grants.
95% employment rate.
NorQuest College has provided upgrading and foundational training in Edmonton for nearly 40 years and has equipped thousands of students to progress to further education or pursue livelihoods that are more rewarding. NorQuest's employment certificate programs prepare students to enter the workforce quickly. These unique programs provide students with marketable skills through work experiences, employment networking opportunities, and workplace-relevant training using the latest technology.

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