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Address and website for International students

Trent University

Peterborough Campus
Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
Canada K9L 0G2
UG Contact –
Graduate contact –

Trent University

Ontario's #1 Undergrad University for the last eleven years in a row. Also, we’re #1 for scholarships and Bursaries in Canada. One of top Undergrad research universities in Canada with a student satisfaction rate of 95%. We have two campuses - Peterborough campus and the Durham GTA Campus. We offer more than 100 programs in Arts, Science, Social Sciences and Professional Programs.

Programs available for upcoming intakes


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Scholarship for International students

Trent University offers a plethora of scholarships besides 2 core ones – Entrance Scholarships and Trent International Scholarships and Awards. Entrance Scholarships

Final Average (Canadian Equivalent) Scholarship Amount
95%+ $3000
90%-94% $2500
85%-89% $1500
80%-84% $1000

These scholarships are awarded automatically to students who have applied and accepted the Offer at Trent. These are one time only.
The TISA is offered to students who have a financial need and demonstrate outstanding achievements in community service, extra-curricular activities, etc. – a well rounded profile. The amounts range from 2000CAD to 25,000 CAD per year renewable for the entire duration of the program as long as the student maintains program specific grades.

Last date for Upcoming Intakes
Undergraduate Studies* Fall: September Winter: January Summer:May
Appliation Opens September 17 (OUAC 105 & Direct application) October 1 (OUAC 101) September 17 (OUAC 105 & Direct application) October 1 (OUAC 101) September 17 (OUAC 105 & Direct application) October 1 (OUAC 101)
Deadline to Apply July 1 November 9 March 1